Welcome to the TelepathMedia Wiki

A collaborative website about TelepathMedia related topics, including site and portal content related issues and discussions. Knowledge sharing, understanding music, virtual environments, as well the science of arts and qualitative science are some example.


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TelepathMedia Themes

TelepathMedia is a content development group designing content portals and sites, as well as multimedia productions, animation, music, and virtual environments for elearning, eworking, and knowledge sharing.

Designing and developing metaphor-based knowledge sharing virtual environment applications (for years to come), TelepathMedia is directly interested by the issues presented and discussed here.

TelepathMedia's innovative and creative positions are not always common knowledge, practice, or globally accepted concepts, yet. Consequently, a discussion and information exchange area or wiki may prove useful. Please join us.

Documenting and discussing some of these and related issues, the wiki's main pages include:

  • Knowledge Sharing : Collaboration, distributed knowledge and information sharing issues
  • Virtual Environments : Virtual learning, working, playing, sharing environment, tool, and profile issues
  • Media Production : Steaming audio and video as well as interactive media production issues
  • Music Phenomenon : Natural intuitive music phenomenon science and understanding issues
  • eComposing : Specific music and audio composition, as well as video compositing and animation issues
  • eLearning : Specific applications of issues addressed in other pages of this wiki, to eLearning

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